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Akashic Manifestation

I launched the “Akashic Manifestation” reading in February of this year. Though I tried to express clearly what the intention of the reading was, I don’t feel I was able to form the explanation well. Specifically when I was trying to convey my perception of the term “manifestation.” It’s like I knew what I wanted to say, but couldn’t get the words to leave my mouth in a way that would make sense. So where did I turn to for help to better understand what I already felt? Why my own Akashic Records of course!

Arches to the Northern Lights


Before I get into the message my Records wanted to share, I wanted to quickly reiterate what this “Akashic Manifestation” reading is NOT. This is not in conjunction with any “Law of Attraction” practices or ideologies. Personally, I’m not a fan of anything that pressures people into believing that forced positivity is imperative and not at all toxic. Nor am I a fan of believing that when we don’t get what we want, it’s because of something inherently wrong with us, and not that sometimes in life, you’re not always going to get what you want. And guess what? That can be a good thing sometimes. Forcing yourself to “think positive thoughts” in order to manifest is a recipe for an anxiety-ridden time. Believe me, I’ve lived this…


Years ago when I was just starting to be introduced to the idea of manifestation, I decided to do some Law of Attraction exercises/challenges after I had been laid off from my job. I was trying to “manifest” a government job with the city. Something that was stable, required no commute and had good benefits. So I embarked on a month-long meditation challenge that included visualization. It guaranteed that by the end of the 30 days, whatever you were trying to manifest would come true. So every day I would sit and meditate at my little make-shift altar I had. I used crystals, wrote intentions, bought road opener candles, and made sure to light them at the same time every day. I followed all the rules that had been laid out to the T. There was even one day we had the house sprayed, and I was so worried that the guy doing it would fuck with my candle. And when I got back in, I saw the candle had gone out, so I frantically called the store I bought it from asking what to do and how to “fix” it.

And after allllll that, did I get that job? No. I didn’t even get an interview. Immediately I started to blame myself. “I wasn’t visualizing hard enough. Maybe there were subconscious thoughts seeping through and that was my fault. My 'vibration' was too low. I should have never let my candle alone with a stranger.” And the self-hatred went on and on. Now does this sound inviting to you? Does it sound like a “positive” experience? I hope you’re thinking, nope! But that’s what happens when you tie your value and worth with your ability to produce an outcome that is largely out of your control. And I’m not saying this is everyone’s experience, but I know that I am not the only one. And it worries me that with the Law of Attraction being so popular when it comes to “manifesting,” it’s tainted the true meaning with one that ties your worthiness as a person to what you can “make” happen.


To answer this question I turned to my Records (it’s what I do after all). Who/what better to articulate an answer to this question better than the jumbled thoughts and ideas in my head? And this is what they had to say…

"Manifestation is the power of creating. Of co-creating. It is the practice of identifying a desire and then stating that on some level you are committing yourself to be on a journey to bring that to fruition. [You] live in a very strongly capitalistic society, which conflates any prospect to gain with the idea to “acquire,” to “possess.” But manifestation is not solely linked to the pursuit of ownership, it is the potential of growth.

When you plant a seed, you have an intention to have something grow. Most of the time something specific; a flower, an herb, a vegetable, etc. But just because you tend to it, make sure the soil is fertile, the conditions are optimal, the seed is watered, it does not guarantee that a plant will grow and thrive. Manifestation is the same. People need to stop treating manifestation as something you perform that guarantees your most ideal outcome. You can know what you want, focus on maintaining a positive mindset, fortify it with affirmations and visualizations, and STILL end up disappointed when that seed didn’t sprout. Manifestation is often a practice in futility. Who are you and what do you do when your journey is fruitless? It is like working out a muscle to witness it strengthening. It is not the waving of a magic wand in order to procure. That is what most get wrong. It is the constant practice of tuning in with yourself, getting to know yourself on deeper levels every time you’re disappointed. Every time you don’t get that job you want or the car you’ve been eyeing. How does that make me feel? How did I react? Did I really want that thing at all, and if so, why? Change the framework you have around manifesting. Know that not every time you drop a line a fish will bite. The ultimate goal is always getting to know yourself on a deeper level."

I’m not saying that the above message is the be-all, end-all for everyone. There will be those who don’t resonate with it all. And that’s completely fine. But I really felt that it was important that I am clear about my intentions with this Akashic Manifestation reading so that those who resonate will be comfortable moving forward with it, and feel comfortable knowing that the result isn’t always the most important part of the process. Hoping that this time around I helped make that a bit more clear for everyone.

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