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Community Dream Tending Fundraiser

Held via Zoom on Friday, June 21st,
at 6:30pm PST

This Community Dream Tending event is being run as a Fundraiser for a Palestinian journalist, Wadih Abou Saoud, and his family. Like other families in Gaza, Wadih's family includes three very small children who have had their home destroyed during the ongoing violence over the last 8 months. He has created a GoFundMe to raise money to get his family to safety as they're displaced.


Community Dream Tending is a space to share dreams and nightmare images that have shifted due to the barrage of horrific devastation in Gaza, which we witness daily due largely to on-the-ground sharing via social media. We will share dreams and process through active imagining.


  1. I'm asking for a minimum of €25 donation to Wadih's GoFundMe campaign, which you can find here.  

  2. Once you've donated, fill out the Google Form via the button below.

  3. When completed, please allow 24 hours for the Zoom registration link to be emailed to you.

  4. If you'd like to donate but can't make the event, you can still fill out the form and sponsor someone else's spot.


Minimum Donation of

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