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About Me...


Our Mission

About Me...
Kimberly Lopez, Creator of The Astral Priory. Certified Dream Tender and Akashic Records Practitioner
St. Sugar Marie Lopez
St. Peanut Elizabeth Lopez

[These are my wonderful little baby dogs in their truest and holiest of essences...]

My name is Kimberly Lopez (Kim, she/her), and I am a 2nd/3rd generation Mexican American creative and intuitive. Having grown up in a very Catholic household, and have 13 years of Catholic school under my belt. My childhood consisted of trying to balance a curiosity of witchcraft (my formative years were in the '90s after all) and the call I felt numerous times to become a Nun. Yes, a Nun... 

I would browse the spirituality shelves in the library and sneak witchy books home to read. This ultimately resulted in my grandmother outing me to my mother, and led to a small intervention, making me promise not to get "those books" again as they were Black Magick. At the same time, after my religion classes, I would stay back with my teacher to have discussions about the origins of God, with questions like "when did 'He' begin," as well as discuss the concept of time (I know... it's not as pretentious as it sounds). Luckily, he was very kind about my curiosity, and never told me I was going to Hell for asking. ;)

My interests evolved around 2014. I spent that time learning, expanding my awareness, and I have finally have stopped avoiding acknowledgment of my gifts. I may not become a Nun, but I feel like I've embraced the call I felt when I was younger in an entirely different way. I have been blessed to have come into contact with many people who have been mentors, and are partially responsible for me arriving at this point.

In non-witchy aspects of my life, I have a B.A. in Textiles and Clothing and a certificate in Collections Management for Garments and Textiles. I have a love for beautiful and old things and embrace any moments I can work creatively.

The Astral Priory provides spiritual modalities to help the consciously motivated individual seeking to create impactful change in their lives in times of confusion or crisis. Through the service of Akashic Manifestation, Kim can assist others by identifying past-life blocks that have been carried over into this incarnation that might be attributed to repeated trauma cycles and mental limiting beliefs. This Ancient Eastern understanding of the encapsulation of all knowledge and experience from infinite lifetimes provides reassurance of one's life path trajectory through the integration of non-judgemental unconditional love and Divine support. 

Certified Dream Tending ~ Certificate I from Pacifica Graduate Institute
Certified Akashic Manifestor Practitioner from Jeremy Brown of Jeremy the Healer
Certified Reiki 1 Practitioner from Vanessa Cordoniu of The Biz Bruja

Our Mission

**Disclaimer: I am NOT nor do I claim to be a licensed psychologist, therapist, or social worker. I can not be held responsible for any decisions or actions made based off our sessions together. Nor am I responsible for any losses a client may potentially perceive. Respectfully, each client is responsible for their own decisions and actions.

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